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Shangqiu Jinpeng Industrial Co LTD as the the first domestic professional institute in the recycling and utilization of solid wastes waste plastics waste rubber tyres is a technology innovative demonstration enterprise involving scientific research development manufacture and sales together Nowadays it covers an area of 113220 00m2 with annual sales amount about 300 sets total sales revenue about 180 million RMB per year including 16 million USD export oriented Founded in 1985 our company has owned 23 national patents and a provincial engineering research center which is Henan engineering Technology Research Center of Comprehensive Utilization Equipments for Waste Rubber and Plastics We are...

Categories and Products

Domestic Waste Disposal Equipment

Living Garbage Processing Equipment

Sales Service Provided Urban Daily Life Garbage Recycling Used Life Waste Disposal Equipment with Good Price High Quality Used Life Waste Disposal System Environment Protective Used Life Waste Incinerator New Patent Used Life Waste to Oil plant New Type Used Life Waste to Oil System Top Used One-step Waste City Life Plastic Garbage Professional Machine Waste Disposer for Domestic Garbage High Profit Waste Garbage Electric Power Generation Plant High Technology Waste Garbage Recycling Machine Line New Special Waste Home Appliance Recycling Machine 

Medical Waste Treatment Equipment

Waste Rubber Recycling Oil Machine Medical Waste to Energy Power Waste Burning Equipment Medical Waste Management Waste Incineration Machine 

Food Waste Treatment Equipment

Food Waste Urban Garbage Incineration Power Plant Food Waste Urban Solid Waste Power Generation Machine 

Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Batch Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

High Quality Pyrolysis Oil Extraction Environmental Rubber to Energy Oil Extracting Machine 2017 Used Tyre Refined into Fuel Oil Waste Tyre Recycle to Oil Machine Waste Rubber Oil Refinery Machine Fuel Oil Refining Plant Waste Tire Pyrolysis Machine Rubber Pyrolysis Oil Plant Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line Waste Tire to Oil Pyrolysis Machine Pyrolysis Machine for Oil Carbon Black Waste Tyre to Fuel Recycle Machine Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine Recycle Used Plastic to Diesel Pyrolysis Plant Waste Plastic Refining Oil Equipment Waste Tire to Energy Project Automatic Refining Crude Oil Machine High Output Pyrolysis Waste Management Used Rubber Pyrolysis Machine to Oil Medical Waste to Oil Generation Plant Plant for Domestic Garbage Treatment 

Continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Easy for Installation Pyrolysis Oil Efficiency Plant 

Integrated Design Batch Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

National Patents Automatic Machine Waste Pyrolysis Fuel Oil No Need Labor Used Rubber to Energy Project Unique Diversion Tower for Used Tyre Recycling Plant 

Semi-continuous Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Rubber Tire and Plastics Recycling Pyrolysis Machine 

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Batch Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis of Plastic Smoke Scrubbers Rubber to Energy Used Plastic to Diesel Tire Pyrolysis Machine Environmental Waste Plastic Recycle Pyrolysis Gas Oil Carbon Black Incinerator Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Machine Plastic Recycling Equipment Small Oil Pyrolysis Machine Plastic Recycling System Pyrolysis Fuel Pyrolysis Oil Plastic Recycling Line Plastic Processing Machine to Fuel Oil Pyrolysis Heavy Oil Plastic Recycling System Plastic into Diesel Pyrolysis Incinerator Pyrolysis Oil Boiler Plastic Recycling Line Plastic Oil Power Generation Recycling Plant Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Equipment Hot Sale Machine Waste Plastic Recycling Plant High Temperature Enclosed Discharging Pyrolysis Equipment Latest Technology Heat Insulation Shell Pyrolysis Reactor Waste Plastic to Diesel Machine Waste Plastic and Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Waste Plastic to Fuel Conversion Plant Waste Tire Recycling to Diesel 

Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

House Garbage msw to Oil Machine Household Plastic Products Making to Oil Machine House Garbage Pyrolysis Machine Household Waste Machine Recycling Oil House Garbage to Oil Pyrolysis Machine City Waste Recycling Plant Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale 

Integrated Design Batch Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Integrated Design More Oil Output Waste Plastic Incinerator Speedy Loading in Used Plastic to Energy Project 

Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant

Batch Type Oil Distillation Plant

Used Rubber Oil Catalystic Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant Oil Refining Usage Plastic Oil Distillation Machine Plastic Oil Distillation Equipment to Diesel Oil Plastic into Diesel Management Plastic Oil Refining Machine Big Capacity Automatic Plastic Oil Refining Plant Plastic Oil Refining Equipment Recycling to Diesel Machinery Pyrolysis Plastics Oil Distillation Plant Plastic Oil Process Machine to Diesel Oil Special Horizontal Reactor Plastic Oil Recycle Machine Effcient Condensers Plastic Oil Recycling Machine Less ManpowerPlastic Oil Refinery Equipment Sync Gas Recycled Waste Plastic Oil Distillation Plant Low Production Cost Waste Plastic Oil Refining Machine High Oil Output Waste Plastic Oil Process Equipment Waste Tire Oil Distillation Equipment Waste Tyre Oil Refining Equipment Used Oil Distillation Equipment Waste Oil Distillation Machine Used Motor Oil Distillation Equipment Engine Oil Refining Equipment 

Continuous Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant

Large Capacity New Continuous Waste Oil Distillation Plant Continuous Working Principle Plastic Oil Purifier Machine Continuous Waste Plastic Oil Purifier Machine Competitive Price Continuous Waste Plastic Oil Recycle Plant Newest Design Continuous Rubber Oil Process Machine New Condition Continuous Rubber Oil Purifier Plant ISO CE Certification Continuous Rubber Oil Recycle Equipment Engine Oil Refinery Continuous Rubber Oil Recycling Machine The Full Continuous Rubber Oil Refinery Plant Big Discount Continuous Waste Rubber Oil Distillation Plant Continuous Waste Rubber Oil Refining Equipment to Diesel Continuous Waste Rubber Oil Process Machine Waste Lub Oil Recycle Equipment Continuous Waste Lub Oil Recycling Machine Continuous Black Oil Distillation Plant Auto Black Oil Refining Equipment Black Oil Process Machine Black Oil Purifier Machine Black Oil Recycle Machine Black Oil Recycling Machine 

Automatic Type Oil Distillation Plant

Automatic Waste Lub Oil Refinery Machine 

Other Assistant Equipments

Tyre Steel Drawer

Assistant Equipment Steel-Drawer Plant 

Automatic Feeder

Assistant Equipment Automatic Feeding Machine 

Tyre Cutter

Assistant Equipment Tire Cutting Machine 

Tyre Shredder

Assistant Equipment Whole Tyre Crusher Plant 

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